Shani Greene-Dowdell

Author, Publisher, Playwright

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Secrets of a Kept Woman Part 2
(Let God Sort Them Out)

Four years have passed and the ladies of Secrets of a Kept Woman have entered into their thirties. Shayla has forgiven those who wronged her and is living her dream as a clinical psychologist. 

Gladys has rekindled a love of the past and living life like it is golden. All seems well, until Rhonda re-enters their life with a shit load of baggage, regret, and one final secret that will shake up the foundation that everyone has been working so hard to build...if it doesn't kill Rhonda first.   

Yeah, it is now official. The release date is March 29!

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A few pages to whet your whistle!

Shani Greene-Dowdell has released an Amazon Exclusive holiday shortie, "Before the Clock Strikes Twelve." Head on over to Amazon and download your copy for 99 cents.

Myron does not like his wife's ‘before the clock strikes twelve’ rule, but he has decided to go along with for her sake and for the sake of  the gift on Christmas Eve that keeps on giving.

Happy Reading! 

UBAWA's Women of Color, Power, and Influence

UBAWA: When did you first decide you wanted to become an author?
Shani: In 2005 when I was challenged by a friend to complete my first book.

UBAWA: How did you decide on the idea for your 1st book? 2nd book? 3rd book, etc?
Shani: My first book stemmed from stereotypes of interracial relationships and the storyline took on a life of its own from there. My second book was an erotic anthology and the inspiration to compile the stories came when I saw an image of a woman sitting inside of a coffee cup with the words Mocha Chocolate on the outside of it. Thinking about my most intimate indulgences, I knew Mocha Chocolate would make a great title for a book and even better reading material.
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